About Us

A Reputation 28 Years in the Making

Abante Tire Marketing Corporation was founded on November 28, 1990. Since then it has been the pioneer in the tire dealership industry and automotive servicing in Fairview Quezon City, carrying an array of products and services for various customer specific requirements.

The company has been previously recognized over the years by several Top Ten tire manufacturers through its local representatives and has now endeavored to carry one of the worlds leading tire brands DUNLOP Tires.

More than two decades now, Abante Tire Marketing Corporation has proven itself be one of the most formidable tire dealership in Quezon City with its strong presence in the commercial fleet and replacement market as well. With its professional sales staff and service groups towing the line of the company’s vision, to become one of the best and most reliable tire dealerships in the Luzon archipelago.

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